The Benefits of our products
Maximise energy efficiency

Our range of double-glazed windows are designed to keep your house warm all year. Two 4mm glass panes separate a 16mm cavity to reduce heat loss through your windows. Your home will be more energy efficient and you’ll save money on your heating bills. Our top-performing AA++ rated are a great choice to reduce heat loss even further. They are designed with the latest energy-saving glazing technology in mind.

Stay safe and secure

The safety and security of your home plays an important role in the construction of every EcoSolution product. Our windows are made from durable materials designed to withstand forced entry with tried and texted security features. Available in uPVC, wood or aluminium, double-glazed windows are fitted with key locking security handles and shoot lock bolts as standard. Glazing and beading our windows on the inside means the glass cannot be removed from the outside. This protects against forced entry and keeps the window firmly closed.

Reduce noise pollution

A huge benefit of double-glazed windows is their ability to reduce noise pollution from outside. Double-glazed windows are crafted from two panes of toughened glass with a gap between. Sound travels in waves and when it hits the glass pane it reverberates. The sound wave vibrates both panes at the same frequency and deadens the sound. Our A-rated windows provide a sound protection level of 31db. If you live near a busy road or on a flight path, our Safe and Sound windows are the best option. Offering 36db protection, double-glazed casement windows keep the street noise where it belongs.

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